Prof. Václav Špičák, MD, PhD (CZ)

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Professor of Pediatrics, Allergology and Clinical Immunology

Graduated (1953) at Pediatric Medical School of Charles University in Prague, PhD (1957), Assoc.Professor (1968), Professor of Pediatrics ( 1995 after velvet revolu- tion).

Past Activities and Appointments:
Institute of Allergology and Clin.Immunology ,Prof.B.Halpern Paris;Head of the Pediatric Dpt.Faculty Hospital Bulovka,Prague (1981–1996); Secretary/Chairman of the Czech Soc.of Allergology and clin.immunology (1964–2004); vice-president of the EAACI (1977–1979); member of the First Expert Panel of GINA (A992–1995);

Current Professional / Academic Positions :
● Guest-Professor of Allergology and Clinical Immunology
● Consultant Physician – Centre of Allergology and Clin.Immunol. Immunoflow Prague

Current Activities and Appointments:
Czech Initiative for Asthma (Past-director 1996–2006); GINA, ARIA (Advisory Board);
GARD (WHO Temp.advisor); Czech Alliance against chronic respiratory diseases (vicepresident);
Editor- in-chief : ALERGIE (Journal for continuing education in Allergology and Clin. Immunology) ; Alergie-Astma-Bronchitida (Journal for patients and lay public).

Research, publications:
Prof.Špičák research has focused on the childhood asthma, mites allergy, specific allergen immunotherapy, antiallergic pharmacology and patient-education. Author of 170 papers, monography Asthma from Childhood to Adulthood (with V.Vondra); Living with Allergy; Allergology (with P.Panzner and co-authors).

Spouse : Vojtěcha ; Children: Julius, Aleš,Ivana ;
Grand-Children: Tereza,Radka,Bar­bora,Katka,Voj­tech,Andrea,Ma­rie
Great-Grandchildren: Magdalena,Jan,Ši­mon,Matěj,Pro­kop, Eda,Josefina,Dan