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Ester Seberová is a private allergist in Pilsen. After graduation from the Medical Faculty of the Charles University she obtained degre in internal medicine and later degree in allergology and clinical immunology.
During her professional path she worked at Department of internal medicine and Department of allergology and clinical immunology at the Faculty hospital in Pilsen. Later she became a head of Immunological department in Regional center of hygiene. All the time she focused above all on respiratory allergy, the origin and treatment of asthma and allergic rhinitis and the influence of environmental factors on immunological system. She solved several granted researches involved in this theme. She also helped to establish the local center of Pollen information service in Pilsen.
She opened her private practice of allergology in the centre of Pilsen in 1994. Her main interest stays in respiratory allergy. She is engaded in diagnostic and treatment of adult patients. She goes on clinical studies concerning therapy of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and specific allergen immunotherapy.
Since she has started her career, she continues on teaching. At first it was at the Medical Faculty and the Secondary school of medical care in Pilsen. Lately she is involved in official postgradual education od physicians, nurses and pharmacists.
Her educative activity comprises lectures, expert publications and translations, both-professional and nonfiction publications focused especially on allergic rhinitis and specific allergen immunotherapy. In 2001 she proposed the official Standard of Diagnoses and therapy of allergic rhinitis in Czech Republic. In the next period she prepared Czech translation of the Allergic Rhinitis and Ist Impact on Asthma. She is a co-author of the textbook Allergology published in 2004. At the same time she prepared and edited together with her colleague Ondřej Rybníček The Guide of Specific Allergen Immunotherapy, as a consensus for Czech Republic supported by Czech Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. This recommendation was actualised in 2009. She participated in extended edition “Get over your asthma“ by Kašák, Pohunek, Seberova. In 2006 she published her own booklet “Allergic Rhinitis“ in Maxdorf edition Pharmacotherapy for practice. She takes a share in doctor's and pharmacist´s internet education in the project EUNI, where she is responsible for section concerning allergic rhinitis.
She is a member of the commitee Czech Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. She was also invited to take part in several experts advisory boards focused on diagnoses and therapy of allergic diseases.
She is an active member of Czech Iniciative for Asthma (ČIPA) since its foundation. She acts as a lector and recently as a member of the director board. She is also a member of editorial board of Allergy and Allergy, Asthma ,Brinchitis – both the periodics issued by ČIPA. In 2009 she prepared publication Allergic Rhinitis for patients within the frame of CIPAs educational programme, which is also available on website.
She was awarded prof. Zavazal prize for merit of development of Czech allergology in 2002.