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ZENTIVA is an international pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets modern branded generic pharmaceutical products. It is a market leader in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania and Slovakia and grows dynamically in Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and the Baltic countries.

Aimed at continuing the company's pro­fitable growth, the key objective of Zentiva's strategy is to increase the availability of modern drugs to patients in Central and Eastern Europe through primary care providers. Zentiva has been achieving such growth in its traditional as well as new markets by naturally developing the scope of its operations and by means of appropriate acquisitions.

The company's mission is to extend the scope of high-quality healthcare, especially in the area of primary care. Made up of more than 400 products in the form of 800 drug forms, the product portfolio covers a wide range of therapeutic areas. Products of the Zentiva group are intended for pain treatment, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of central nervous system, digestion system, urinary tract and genital system, and treatment of respiratory diseases. The key product in the area of food supplements are vitamin preparations.

The Zentiva group employs nearly 6,500 people and has manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania and Slovakia.

SANOFI-AVENTIS successfully completed its recommended voluntary takeover offer of the Zentiva NV on March 12, 2009. On this day, sanofi-aventis held approximately 97% of Zentiva’s shares and as a result Zentiva became a member of Sanofi-aventis group. Zentiva will now provide a platform for sanofi-aventis to enhance the development of its generics business in CEE region.

Being one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe, Zentiva believes that its role of a provider of modern branded medicaments should be combined with support of a broad range of socially beneficial activities. Zentiva has been involved in a number of long-term sponsorship arrangements relating to entertainment, social and sports events over the past few years.